Ban Appeal - Byrobbie

  • Byond Account: Byrobbie
  • Character Name: Robbie
  • Discord Name: Robbie#5646
  • Round ID of Ban: 9068
  • Ban Message: image
  • State your appeal:
    I was banned for:
  1. killing another Geneticist and lying about my motive.
  2. being rude to the admin Horatio22.

Here’s why I killed the Geneticist; the Geneticist was messing around in the lab so I told him “stop messing around or my test subject will kill you” at this time my words had no meaning, he then went to the computer I was testing on and started messing about with it so I pushed him and we got into a bit of a pushing war, we then started arguing at which point he took out an epilepsy mutator and wouldn’t stop following me even though I was moving in irregular movements (he wasn’t just following the same path as I), I attempted to end the scuffle by saying something along the lines of “ok im done” and he pushed me into the trash bin and pressed the release button attempting to send me through the trash, I got out in time and saw the pressure that was building up again after he pressed release. After this I was going to immobilize him and put him in the trash but my test subject got out and started hitting him with me and we ended up going to far and killed him, at which point I didn’t care because I know he’d have killed me as well; I put him in the trash and then the admin contacted me.

Why I was rude to the admin; as you can see in the ban message, the admin wouldn’t leave me alone and claimed I was lying about why I killed the Geneticist, this really got annoying after a while and eventually the admin revived the guy, and correct me if I’m wrong but if an admin revives you they’re practically reverting your death? Anyways, the admin revived the Geneticist and for whatever reason the Geneticist told security (is this not metagaming?) and then security arrested me without anything but the Geneticists word (they had no proof of the murder), when the admin said it was okay that this was happening it pushed me past the point of annoyed.

Lastly, even if the admin who banned me had reason to believe I killed this man for no reason, it was my first offense and therefore I shouldn’t have been banned in the first place; and I apologize to the admin Horatio22 for being rude and to the Geneticist I killed for putting him in the trash instead of taking him to the medical bay.

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This would have been a note very easily but the ahelps are pretty damming when staff needs to talk to you its better just to stay calm and talk about what happened also this seems like a clear case of over escalation so denied for now. Just please read the rules next time.