Ban appeal Caiman

Byond Account: Belle Felphine 
Character Name(s): Caiman 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Chess_Pinkman#1172
Round ID of Ban:17253

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): image

State your appeal: I was not going agains’t my laws as the expenses lawset states to minimize expenses, I died as a lizard (crewmember) And got transformed into a borg, Which uses 100000 metal in total to fabricate in total, being a lizard is less expensive.
As to being a non antag, i believe it was a mistake from willard, because he didn’t notice that i bought 2 c4’s, one anime reference glove and a invisible box implant.
Also if i remember right, you do not forget your objectives when you are MMI’d, so i had a reason for getting back to my body, which wasn’t a new one, it was the same, i just had some plastic surgery done.


You are correct that you were an antag this round, I looked for your IC name rather than your ckey and that is my fault. You had one objective which was to steal the HoS’ laser gun.

When you’re borged, you must prioritize your lawset over all else, including your antag status. Getting unborged because it’s “less expensive” to be a lizard is an absolutely bullshit excuse and goes against our silicon policy. This is very obviously intentionally subverting our rules.