Ban Appeal: Caractaser

Byond Account: caractaser
Character Name(s): N/A (unsure)
Discord Name: Oranje#5876
Round ID of Ban: 20930

Ban Message: Made melting tile fire grenades to engage non halo cultists, and when attacked deployed it in the hallways to “take them out with me.” Has extensive notes on grenade use. Got permission from CMO to attack a department that wasnt medical
State your appeal:

  1. I had permission from CMO and captain (CMO for making the actual grenade and captain to attack the cultists), I am unsure why the mod didnt’t mention that in the message even tough I did state that I had permission from the captain. (should be mentioned in the notes at the very least)
    2. I engaged non halo cultists because they already got 2 other heads of staff. (that’s why I got permission from the captain, because it was getting out of hand)
    3. I deployed it in the hallways because the grenade had a label (CLF3) and was probably going to be used against the remaining crew and there already were a lot of cultists gathering around me(thus still completing my original goal by activating it there).

Even if this is not enough to justify my reasioning for deploying it in the hallways, can my ban be lowered to 3 days (from 7) ?I think 7 days is a bit excessive for “grand sabotage with consent (from the captain)”.
(Maybe I did not get consent to throw it in the hallways but it would still have made a big hole in the cultist hideout(Engineering))

So since I’m the staff that approved the junior request for that ban let me add some precisions :

from previous admin rulings

(before halos or ritual it’s not delta)
for what can crew or not kill

You got to 7 days following progression because you had that previous ban after a warning note about lack of concern with grenades

Only 19 living hours after that ban for a lack of regards for the collateral damages on innocents, you tested a foam burn grenade mix in plain central hallway, which shows a big lack of understanding on why you got banned before, and give a plausible doubt on you not reading all of our rules since you say the important part is you having cap and cmo auth.

Now I’ll let the admin deal with your appeal, hope you have all the precisions you may need.

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Jonnakas is correct that command cannot give permission to break server rules, so this ban was justified. This is denied.