Ban Appeal: CarsonEagle

Byond Account: CarsonEagle
Character Name(s): I can’t remember.
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): CarsonIsClown#9618
Round ID of Ban: 13287
Ban Message:

State your appeal: Yeah I was just salty and took it out on the admins, I’ve been toning down my salt lately by punishing myself with ingesting raw salt if I get salty. Just want to play on Fulp again. I was in the wrong and it was my fault.

Another admin will have to do this appeal since i did the ban but here’s some screen shots
carsoneagle ahelp .5

carsoneagle borg say logs

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Yeah, I was in the wrong.

Upon further consideration and several mentors coming forward with details of you harassing them and other players, I think we need to wait longer to accept this appeal. Denied. Try again in a few months.