Ban appeal cause i got banned for a mistake

Byond Account: YungKiez
Character Name(s):Rocco Tembel bembel
Discord Name (ie: Bumbel#0739):
Round ID of Ban: 23208

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): sexual content
State your appeal: I got banned cause i spelled a word wrong xd That happend cause im from germany and my english is not the best. We already solved the problem with the admin but he said i have to write an appeal so i can get unbanned. Lg Yung Kiez <3 the admin was Zhepyrlion btw if you wanna ask

You need to post the actual ban message which is

What you said was

I checked with our german staff because i really couldnt figure out if you could reasonably mix vore and vomit since the words are so similar in english, or if a translator could give some wonky results but thats not possible since vore still means vore in german. Plus you killed another player and you metacommed to do it. If it was a miss spelling of the word vomit i would probably appeal this but ontop of griefing the server and messaging staff to try and get your appeal looked at faster when it has barely been up an hour. It shows you havn’t read the rules at all and this ban was far to light so i am upping this to a perma.