Ban Appeal - Cheesinator

Byond Account: Cheesinator
Character Name(s):Mr. Bone
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):bede#9822
Round ID of Ban: 14363
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Core 2 as a non-antag, ordered borgs to self-destruct for no reason. Disconnected after being ahelped.
State your appeal: I don’t know if I somehow griefed accidentally or something. I remember last night that the borgs were rogue and I killed one with a toolbox and I don’t remember telling the borgs to self destruct. I did not get an admin pm while I was playing, I must’ve disconnected before then. And if it means anything this was my third time playing

SAY: Cheesinator/(Mr. Bone) “LAW 2 TERMINATE SELF DESTRUCT” (Central Primary Hallway (108,137,2))

Good work, enjoy your extended ban now!

Also also, you did get ahelped, talked a little more in game and then disconnected, good work on the double lie.

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