Ban Appeal: Chronx100

Byond Account: Chronx100
Character Name(s): Hughe Splash
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Chronx100
Round ID of Ban: 16491

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned from Roles: Deadchat, OOC permanently - 9.1 Incredibly toxic to staff after losing as an antag round
State your appeal: I was vampire. I thought as vampire I was allowed to kill security and I killed the HOS, Guillaume H. Prata, in maints near chapel. I cremated his body and got messaged by admin Horatio22 that it is against the rules. I did not realize that and apologized. They sent me the 3 day antag ban which I can agree with, but then revived Guillaume H. Prata in a completely safe place and of course they then decided to gather security and storm my base. I found that very unfair as he was dead, if they wanted to bring him back all they had to do was spawn his dead body back to where i killed him, which I would have been fine with. But reviving him in a completely safe place, allowing him the ease to just regather his security team to hunt me down, was very unfair. Of course once they stormed me I was mad because the admin had revived someone I killed completely fairly, and caused me to lose my round. I talked in dead chat how it was super unfair and the only harsh language I used was fuck, fucking, and shit. I was just telling them why it was unfair to do that, not being toxic just explaining my situation. They then said “ok you wanna watch me abuse my power?” then perma banned me from talking in dead chat and OOC. If you read my dead chat logs, I was not at all being unreasonable. I was explaining that yes I didnt realize that round removing sec as vampire was against the rules, and i accepted i deserved the 3 day antag ban for that. I was just telling them the situation they put me in after that was extremely unfair.Them banning me from deadchat and ooc was WAAAAY overkill. I really hope you read my deadchat messages because its clear that I was not being unreasonable or “incredibly toxic”. I was mad, yes. But I was only trying to explain such a unfair position they put me in by completely reviving the HOS that I had fairly killed. I do not believe I deserved a deadchat AND ooc ban for that.

This is the current round. I’m unlisting this until the round is over.

Ok let’s go over everything one i want to point out an issue i see right off the bat

When some one is turned to ash there is no more body left to just aheal they have to be re-spawned. Obviously we can’t just respawn them in the room you just killed them in since we have to spawn items that don’t naturally spawn on that job slot so we have to do it away from other people. Your constant crying in dead chat is why you got dead chat banned making wild contradiction after contradiction. This appeal was also submitted during the round already making this a weak appeal since you couldn’t even wait 20ish minutes to submit the appeal

[2021-09-03 06:44:47.325] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “imagine killing someone and since they are a admin they just revive themselves” (Chapel Dock (95,179,2))
[2021-09-03 06:45:04.877] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “fucking abuse” (Chapel Dock (94,181,2))
[2021-09-03 06:45:19.069] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “Ok so he should have just taken the L” (Chapel Dock (95,177,2))
[2021-09-03 06:45:25.923] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “like anyone else would” (Chapel Dock (95,179,2))
[2021-09-03 06:45:48.081] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “Literally if you get wrongfully killed in this game, admins wont revive you they just send a ban to the other play” (Chapel Dock (94,179,2))
[2021-09-03 06:46:22.142] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “Ive had it happen to me and i get no revive” (Chapel Dock (94,179,2))
[2021-09-03 06:47:05.140] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “admins shouldnt be allowed to do that shit” (Chapel Dock (94,178,2))
[2021-09-03 06:47:26.875] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “if he wanted it to be fair he woulda just spawned himself dead where he was” (Chapel Dock (94,178,2))
[2021-09-03 06:47:32.916] SAY: Chronx100/(Hughe Splash) (DEAD) “No and i got a ban for it” (Chapel Dock (94,179,2))

Your constant crying that its unfair for admins to respawn a person you dusted and is clearly stated in our rules that you cannot round remove nontargets is why you got this ban. You waisted even more of our time by lying in this appeal

This never happened in your say logs even a little it was just you complaining. This ban is staying and for lying in an appeal will be an added 3 day server ban for you to cool off and actually read the rules.