Ban Appeal -- Clockworked#2024

  • BYOND Account: Clockworkedd
  • Character name: Gage Vern
  • Discord name: Clockworked#2024
  • Round ID: 11676
  • Ban message: Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (Clockworkedd) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Round 11676 - Core 2). Malicious acts. You validhunted a cult member as a MD before they were technically valid (cult halo above head). Please take a short break and play security if you really want to hunt antags. This ban (BanID #15715) was applied by Tom F Hardy on 20201-01-01 19:20:33 during round ID 11869. The ban is for 3 days and expires on 2021-01-04 19:20:33 (server time).
  • Appeal: I’m mainly confused by this ban, as on the date of the ban, I had not played MD the time I was playing. If it was before, I do not remember doing such a thing and would like insight as to what I specifically did wrong.

Since this was from a while ago, I will give some extra information, though I can’t handle the ban appeal itself as it’s my ban. You saw a person walk into med wearing cult gear, but without a halo. When the officer didn’t kill them, you did and threw their head into the garbage. This is validhunting and you have previous notes for it. It was done through a grief patrol from a bit over a week ago, which is why the ban is now and not then.

Oh, okay. I remember now. I do concede that it wasn’t the correct course of action, but I was just confused as to what to do. If my memory serves me right, they weren’t dead yet, rather looking to get healing in medbay. Since they had cult gear, I naturally assumed that as soon as we were done healing them, they would either convert or destroy us doctors. Seeing sec do nothing, and instead of healing them which would lead to my inevitable demise, I wanted to protect myself, but my reasoning in that situation was faulty. Though I disagree with the rules, I do acknowledge that the “correct” course of action would’ve been to flee, despite the dangers that may lurk the central halls. I wish I was notified of my mistakes during the act, as I would’ve happily rectified my actions. Validhunting is hard for me, as I often swap servers with different rules, but I know that that isn’t an excuse to kill a cultist. Overall, though I do disagree with me being punished, I do accept my penance. However, I think I should’ve been warned in the act, rather than a week later, and three days to boot. Of the previous two times that I can remember getting notified by the admins for validhunting (I may have forgotten a few. If so, please remind me), one was very egregious when I was following /tg instead of fulp rules (again, though, this is no excuse for my actions) the other was due to my misunderstanding of what a “sapient” organism was (which I know now to be meta-defined as anything controlled by a player, and not the in-universe definition of real life equivalencies). Additionally, if the victim is perchance reading this, I thought you didn’t care too much as shown by your IC nonchalance, but I now know I misinterpreted the signals and will now follow the rules regardless of the leniency of others.

Tl;dr: I recognize and accept my punishment, though I disagree with the sentence and the manner it was given in.

It was handled via grief patrol, which means there weren’t admins online to correct you. It’s fine if you disagree with the rules, but you’re still obligated to follow them regardless of how other servers operate. Looking at your notes, it looks like this was applied correctly, so I’ll be denying the appeal.