Ban Appeal- Clown v State

Byond Account: SneedMaster
Character Name(s):Sneedles
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): FijiJuice#3357
Round ID of Ban:16817

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): The ban reason is: Rules broken: Core 4 - hate Speech Weird 13/50 references and echo parantheses. Feel free to appeal on the forums if you ever mature up.
State your appeal: I didn’t even recieve a warning before getting banned. I was making “13/50 references” as the clown toward “shitsec” I had no idea that was against the rules. I understand the connotations in real life but I did not think it was included under hate speech to make “13/50 references” and “parantheses” toward security. I even told the admin that I would stop if he didn’t want me making these “shitsec” jokes. I understand if it was against the rules but the admin could have just asked me to stop instead of permabanning me immediately and without warning.

You understand the connotations and still did it, that is on you. Rule 4 is pretty clear and straightforward. Appeal in a month if you want another chance on the server.