Ban Appeal: CockandBallz23: The Return

Byond Account: CockandBallz23
Character Name(s): Bob Lastfry
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): pugglekid#1873
Round ID of Ban: 16351

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Screenshot - cd6b0b7ca00ae6d3f8e9b817c006973d - Gyazo
State your appeal:

Hello everyone. You all may have known me for my ban appeal I posted on here a little over a year ago. That was in December 2020, it was truly a different time. That was before one of the largest tragedies in our lives happened. The world as we knew it changed for the worse. Everyday life as we once knew it has been warped in an unimaginable way. The tragedy was that I was banned from antagonist on Fulpstation.

I recently rejoined Fulpstation after a prolonged hiatus. After getting out of prison, I thought that something to help ease my tension would be to enjoy some video games. In prison, there’s not much to do. You can either work out or read books. Being an SS13 player, I chose to read the books. I tried to cram all I could about SS13 knowledge, about botany, engineering, atmospheric systems, and wanted to make sure I was presentable when I came back out. Eventually, after good behavior in my cell block, the guards decided I could have a small amount of computer time in the library. I used some of my computer hacking knowledge I gained over the years from reading the BYOND codebase to try and see if I could log onto Fulpstation to check in on how everybody was doing. Instantly I was shot with a tazer gun directly to my heart by a guard. 2 other guards ran out on both sides of me and tackled me to the ground. One of the guards choked me with his baton while the other beat me over the head with a trash can lid. I was thrown in solitary confinement for 5 months. I had a major concussion from being repeatedly thrashed about by corrupt prison guards. This prison was not run by the government. I did not have access to medical care. I was locked in a pitch-black room and phasing in and out of consciousness while I tried to keep myself alive. They would give me a tray of food every week that I had to carefully ration in order to keep myself from dying of starvation. They say when you’re in solitary, the best thing you can do is throw a coin around and search for it to keep yourself busy or else the idle mind will cause yourself to slowly go insane. I admit I started to go insane towards the end. When I shut my eyes and tried to sleep I would hear clown horns and the sound of admin notifications. The shadows started to shape themselves into pixels and form tiles that represented some sort of miniature space station. I suddenly started to fear changelings and Nuke Ops from coming into my cell and attacking me and causing me to redtext. Eventually I was released after 5 months on good behavior. The guards who were once torturing me and starving me to death let me out through the front gates with a smile and a pat on the back. I wandered the streets for days, with nowhere to go. I tried to go into the local library and the elderly librarian told me to get out of her sight or she would shoot me. So I wandered on to wherever the road would take me.

It was a rough few months as a vagabond, I saw many things that you don’t see from the comfort of your home. I had to fight to survive. Everyday is an adventure when you don’t realize where you’re gonna sleep or what you’re gonna eat. It might be appealing to some but it’s something I don’t recommend unless you want true perspective to this world. Often I’d wander into towns and I’d get harassed by the local police. There was times when I would get loaded up into a squad car, and they’d take me out to the country side and drag me into the middle of the woods and they would try to drown me in a bathtub. The worst of it all was when I was driven out to the city limits by a town sheriff. He threatened me with days in jail for vagrancy if I didn’t comply with his orders. They tortured me just like I had been a few weeks prior in the other prison, but I escaped. I had to do unspeakable things in order to make it out, but it was all for my own survival. What matters is that I made it out, and after a long time on the road, I managed to make it back to where I belonged. My “home”. It didn’t feel the same anymore, I knew no home, but decided I would stop in for a few weeks to see what I could do to help my family.

After a short visit with my parents and siblings, I heard some unfortunate news. Firstly my rooster had passed away after a fox attack, and my parents had to sell my sports equipment in order to put food on the table. I accepted this because material possessions were no longer a matter to me. I could always find new ways to get sporting equipment or rent it from those less fortunate then me. The death of my rooster was unfortunate but I realized that it was his time after his 30 years on earth. My largest takeaway was I thought it was even more important now to have my username. It was like a memento to the things I cared about in this world which were my relationships and passions. After this short visit, I got to what was truly important.

I walked to my room. This was the room I received my first banning from back then. Where I once stared at my computer screen blankly as I read that my username was not allowed on Fulpstation. The thought of this event gave me chills reminiscent of when I was tortured in prison and society. I powered through it and remembered I was welcome on this server by the community and decided I should play for a few days. I enjoyed a few rounds with the community, my family of players who were now apart of a changed world that included no intents and staircases on different maps. It was a hard adjustment to get used to but after playing for a few hours I got the hang of it. As I adapted I realized some of the issues with how the server had been running. For something I care about so deeply I realized that there was some corruption in certain areas I wished could be handled. For example, you couldn’t even talk in OOC chat without it becoming a drastic issue. I formulated in my own brain that these admins now needed ban quotas in order to rise the server’s popularity so they could get more members with premium memberships. I really don’t agree with this idea. I think that the people on this server should be free. If I learned one thing in prison it’s that you need to stand up for what you think is wrong if you want to see change. I consider myself one of the server’s biggest political activists from the past few days and still have noticed I have almost no response or following. That’s okay though because I understand that some heros don’t deserve recognition for their actions. I don’t care if I don’t receive the glory for my advanced server reformation prepositions, but I think that everyone has a right to say what they wish without it being censored on this server.

But finally, we must talk about my banning. While I believe it was politically motivated, it still doesn’t make it right for me to receive such a ban. I was banned for “antag rolling on round start” because I suicided in the science office during a deep roleplay session. I would never “antag roll” on Fulpstation. If there’s one thing I care about on this server, it’s being fair and friendly to everyone. Therefore I would not abuse game mechanics in order to try and become an antagonist role. I understand though, I was banned from these roles because I was offline and couldn’t respond in time. But here’s the kicker, when I was banned it was FOREVER. I AM BANNED FROM ALL ANTAGONIST ROLES FOREVER. I don’t think that I deserve such a response as a returning player for a simple mistake made on the admin’s part. Who are they to say that I no longer play as antagonist on the server over something they couldn’t even communicate with me. I just thought this was a parallel to my life as it’s been recently. Everyone in society such as corrupt town sheriffs and prison guards wants to label me an antagonist, but when I want to roleplay it myself digitally on cyberspace space man video games I’m shut down without even a trial.

In conclusion, I would appreciate my ban being revoked and if the server would kindly donate me 1000 USD via unmarked bills. If they at least give me an unban or reduce my ban from lifetime I think that it should cover my mental damages. Next this goes out for the community but I think that we should no longer be censored and that OOC never be disabled ever again for any purposes while I am participating, and also that I am never single handily banned from discussion by corrupt admins. I thank you for your time time reading my plea, and would like to close off by stating that some of the treatment I’ve received on here was worse then my prison guards who locked me in solitary. I have attached a video that is an example of the political imagery I do not want censored on this Fulpstation community.

Thank you and good night.


Considering your suicide did seem to be RP related and you have no other notes about antag rolling, I’ll remove this ban. Though I will warn you that suicides near the beginning of the round are highly discouraged and doing so even for RP reasons may result in another ban in the future.

I’m sorry to hear about your beloved rooster, though don’t wait up on those 1000 USD in unmarked bills.