Ban Appeal - CockandBallz23

Byond name: CockandBallz23
Character name: Bob Lastfry
Ban Message:
You have been banned by TTGNASA from the server.
Reason: Rules Broken: Core 3 - Sexual content is strictly prohibited.
Reason: You ckey “CockAndBallz23” is against our naming policy. You are welcome to come back with a different ckey.

This ban is permanent. The round ID is 11324.
So despite playing on the server for the past 2 years, an admin named TTGNASA suddenly messaged me and told me my name was inappropriate and that I could not play as it was against the “Name Policy”. I had no idea this name policy was implemented, as I never had issues with this in the past even despite the fact that this was implemented in February according to the admin. I find the implementation of this rule to be discriminatory and unjust. My name has been CockandBallz23 on all my accounts and usernames for my past 10 years on the internet. It was banned for “sexual content” so I was confused. I thought the 23 rereferred to some sort of sexual act or sex position. However, upon looking up my username I realized that the word “Cock” especially connected with “Ballz” might be interpreted as the male genitalia. English is not my first language, and when I came up with this username it was simply combining my two favorite things, Cock (My pet rooster that I raise) and Ballz (My love for all kinds of sports, Basketball, Baseball and Football) and the day on which the month I was born (February 23rd, 1998)
I get that obviously some sick minded individuals will interpret this as a sexual act. I think it’s unfair and unjust, but it was something I was willing to deal with. Even though making a new Ckey would reset my entire progress and my roles unjustifiably, at the end of the day, as a loyal member of the server, I had no problem with changing my username to come on and play the next shift. Before I was banned I tried to explain this to the admin and I was typing a message indicating that I would be IP banned and deleted from the server if he banned this CKEY. Before I could type the facts out though, I was banned. I stared at my computer screen’s dark void with the red ban message illuminating against the side of my face. I sat there with a 1000 yard stare, disappointed I could not make an argument for my own safety. It was so important I had to be banned off the server so that the members could not see the word “CockandBallz23” in a game that involves violent dismembering and gore. I couldn’t express my two passions for poultry and sports without people accusing me of being a sick pervert.
I was outraged,
but still as said before, I would cooperate. I logged onto my new BYOND account “TTGNASAisATyrant” and my greatest fear was realized. I really was IP Banned. Just as suspected. Even after the admin tells me I can join my favorite server with my new CKEY I was still banished from Fulpstation. With a new realization that my ironic username was in fact, factual, I fell to my knees, devastated. All the memories of my times on Fulp,
talking with the loving community, enjoying fun admin rounds, and overall living my best experience,
taken from me
like candy from a baby.
and for what?
I’ll tell you what, the fact that sick perverts decide what my username is suppose to mean, and think that they can get away with destroying the experience of active and lively members on this SS13 community.
I will not stand for it, you will not stand for it, and we are going to make a difference when my account is unbanned.
This is nothing more then sick power-tripping that does nothing but hurt myself and fellow players from this game. I am willing to let his actions slide but I demand that I am placed back on the server in either of my respective accounts and that the admins think twice before they want to remove an active player for their own amusement.
I hope you will take my ban appeal into heavy consideration and justice is delivered swiftly and justifiably.


This shit made me keel over laughing. #JusticeForCockNBalls.


I stand in solidarity with Cock and Ballz 23. Can we get an F for this legend?


This has been a beautiful epic of cock and balls I’ve made a real connection to you now. How could I not unban you welcome back to the server!