Ban Appeal - Cousin Sueno #2? Flyby Ban

  • Byond Account: Cousin Sueno
  • Character Name(s): Jeb Iddiah
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): CousinSueno#3458
  • Round ID of Ban: 10186
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
    State your appeal: Was playing a round as the chaplain and had just killed the wizard, before a Security Guard who was told not to arrest me insisted on handcuffing me and bringing me to the station. I called him a fagt once in my rage, and an admin checked on me before telling me everything was okay and resolving my claim. I did swear a bunch more in anger, but not in homophobic ways, and i thought it addressed my character. I attacked the security guard after for insulting me and abusing me, and was permed before becoming bored and ghosting myself to play a spawners menu role. It seems a random admin came online and noticed I ghosted once attacking the HOS to try and break out of perm, and just bans me again with some fly by “Parole Violation”. I was dealt with before in a prior situation, and had no offences after being talked to and told everything was alright by the first admin, so why perm me again? In the future I won’t use the words gay or f**, even though I’ve seen it often used in role play situations and I am sorry for this mistake. But I believe it was a little harsh on the permanent ban right away from an admin who was not online or responsive to any claims that I made and kept saying that the whole business with the negligent security guard was IC related.

Also my First offence was a Perm Ban I’m hoping I can play on the server again it seems like everything happening here is very harsh as I have been a member of this server since the start of its creation.

You literally just got off a permaban for harassing a staff member and managed to get yourself permabanned for slurs less than a day later. Clearly, you didn’t read the rules before coming back since not using slurs is literally rule 4. Just because it’s acceptable on other servers does not mean it is here.

The mod who dealt with your ticket is a jr mod and does not have banning permissions; as such, their bans have to be approved by a higher up staff member, which is exactly what happened.

From the sounds of it, that is 100% an IC issue. You’re playing on a beginner-friendly server; expect there to be beginners.

As for your staff report, I’ll keep it vague for privacy’s sake, but the explanations you gave for your behavior neither excuse your actions nor make you exempt from their consequences, and you will not be exempt from them here.

Appeal denied.