Ban Appeal: Crumpaloo

Byond Account: Crumpaloo
Character Name(s): Inspector Silver (HOP,Me), Janitor, whos name you can probably find on logs
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Crumpaloo#9431
Round ID of Ban: 14775
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: 

Heyo, with the monkey gibbing and attacking the janitor, that is my fault for doing so, but stopping there with no context isnt very fair to the situation at large so because of that i wanna share my side.

(Monkey Gibbing)

It is true i was gibbing monkeys that round, and it was true i was gibbing monkeys the round before that, reason being that as far as im aware, i was breaking a implied rule i had no idea about, one that, instead of being a friendly warning telling me to stop in the round beforehand, was written on a ban report.

(Attacking Janitor)

Again, yes i did wrong by slapping him once with a scalpel to get his attention off cleaning the gibs, but from my perspective everything i did after that was self-defense. Reason being is if you check the damage logs it’ll show him going off on a punching spree after i only hit him once, doing way more damage then i did to him at this point, and that even after i moved away from him to stop the fight from escalating, he moves closer towards me to prevent the conflict from ceasing, and continues to attack me along with 2 other crewmembers. Im pretty sure the janitor was just grudging because if he was hurt to the point he might die by some “griefer” or at the very least a antag he would go get medical attention, let the other 2 crewmates beat my ass like they already were doing, and call a admin. Instead he goes all or nothing and doesnt stop which from what the report says gets him killed in the process.

So yeah some of the stuff ill admit blame to but i feel as if the lesson has been learnt at this point, and the context helps put the situation in a better light then just “self-antaging pre-meditative robusting of a janitor and tries to crash the server”

Denied. You started the fight and were already well in the wrong. As a normal player, you should already know better, let alone command. It’s just a 3 day ban, you can wait it out.

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