Ban Appeal: Crunkenstein and Helba

Byond Account: Crunkenstein

Character Name(s): Jack Mehoff

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Crunkenstein 7584

Round ID of Ban: 16023

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection(Crunkenstein) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Round ID: 16023 Rules Broken: Core 3 and Core 8 Reason: Metacomming with Helba. Both had sexual names, were talking together and after being ahelped and ajailed, disconnected together. This ban (BanID #21192 was applied by Guillaume Prata on 2021-08-04 19:31:51 during round ID 16023. This is a permanent ban.

State your appeal: Core rule 3 clearly states: "Sexual content is strictly prohibited. This includes content like photos/websites/Erotic Role Play (ERP) and applies to the server, Discord, and forums. Sending unsolicited sexual content to another player via direct messages will also result in a ban." We were banned because of our names which the rules say nothing about, kind of bullshit. We were talking together because he had never played the game before and I was trying to get him into it and teach him what to do. So congrats Guillaume Prata for being a huge shitter and turning off people to the game. I would like to also state we didn't do anything wrong gameplay wise the (very short) time we played.

If you’re metacomming outside of the in-game chat, you’re expected to alert the staff when you log in. Metacomms is also one of the few things we allow people to be perma banned over on the first offense, so you got off pretty easy with only a 3 day. Naming expectations are in our RP standards policy and the fact that we strive for an MRP experience (which is core 1). Had you decided to not be a dick in the appeal, we could have discussed why we have these rules and reduced this, but I’m not willing to bother if you can’t keep it together long enough to write a decent appeal. Denied.