Ban Appeal Dane McDonohugh

Byond Account: OzAtlas
Character Name(s): Dane Mcdonohugh
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): (Ozfur)Atlas
Round ID of Ban: 17642

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:
for Core 1:
I was doing my job in cargo, i was just getting tools from engineering. i got a tank of oxygen and a mask as well. i wasnt doing anything to do with atmo or engineering.

Core 7:
I was advising a player who seemingly didnt know the server rules that he will get banned from researching. I was also telling him he may not get banned now, as the admins havent done anything. It doesnt matter if CE said he could, But he will get banned in the future as they are strict on this rule.

This ban is already expired, but it was a valid ban. You shouldn’t be taking tools from engineering as a cargo tech to begin with, as well as you should not be doing research either. OOC IC is just the icing on the cake. We’d prefer players ahelp situations like this so we can talk to the player to inform them it is against the rules.