Ban Appeal - Diavolo

Byond Account: PeeHooCentric 
Character Name(s): Diavolo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Valentine335#7938
Round ID of Ban: 30089

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): As a non-antag sec officer killed the A.I. Said it was 4 seconds before the round ended. 4 seconds too early.
State your appeal: There were people running into the cockpit attacking myself and cap and it was a very hectic escape shuttle. And throughout it all the ai was spamming HONK over the radio many many many many times so i broke it after with 4 seconds remaining. I asked the admin in ahelp if it was wrong cause soo many people who id assume couldnt all be antags ran in and were fighting with us so i figured it was just end round bs. I understand im at fault but i feel like a 3 day ban is alot for this action especially cause i thought it was just end round shenanigans. I will respect any decision made here i love fulp very much and have been putting alot alot of time into it recently. Thanks as always

That is a simple and nice appeal for an understandable mistake so sure!
Do be more careful with the end of the round timer please.