Ban Appeal - Discord Shadaziel#3841

Byond Account: Shadaziel
Character Name(s): Lucy Daystar
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Shadaziel#3841
Round ID of Ban: 10545
Ban Message You have been banned by Sliggist from the server.
Reason: 10545 Reason Grief killed a mime with a mech who was in cargo you were noted for this exact thing eariler today and knew better then choose to not respond to ahelps
State your appeal:

Have not done one of these before anywhere so not sure what to write and might come off as a bit of a rant as I’m annoyed if that’s the case I’m sorry. I think the best way to appeal is to explain what happened and you can decide if the ban gets lift or not. So to explain why I was noted for something earlier (might have more on your end i dont know) basically another mime in a previous round was being a minge in the miner outpost attacking, stealing, sending the shuttle back and forth and other stuff though can’t remember so I’ll leave it there but due to that the miners couldn’t work abridged version of what happened after miners (me included) beat up mime and he was thrown in the lava. which then I had a chat with the admin about what happened that’s that I think he was more or less ok or at least didn’t warn me for stuff just asking why. Later happen in a way similar and I tried to handle it differently though I think I got banned due to ignoring the admin for to long rather than stuff I did. To save me writing and you reading a essay I’ve got the text log of what was in chat and I’ve annotated stuff that happened on my end and thoughts and omitted the other stuff like radio chatter no relevant I sure there is a log to read/cross-reference but I don’t know if it shows up all the stuff that’s happened like me middle way typing while being banned either case I’ll leave it at the bottom.

I did read the rules before I started playing (which as I said to the admin consulted me the first time I’ve only started recently haven’t quite got all the kinks yet ) which I admit I skim read the first time due to them being what you expect of a RP game no random killing or stealing no offensive behavior or failRP etc. but due to this I had to double check if there is a rule for minging I know on SS13 it can be chaotic typically with the clown which i don’t mind but I had to double check after I got banned which as far as I can tell rule 2 and 2.1 pretty much with the no griefing and blatant intent to grief parts. On that note did see the "escalation clause which I failed on the first meeting with admin and read up that to make sure got it down in future. But I do find it a bit stupid that the main problem as far as I know got off scott free for breaking server rules.

Honestly I don’t think it matters to much if the appeal is accepted or refused cause the events of today have put me off quite a bit from playing SS13 for a couple of days but I would like it if admins were notified so that they would check in on a situations before throwing admin commands at them as at least from my current understanding as I don’t know how the round turned up in the end due me being banned but due to that to the mech being aborted and the mime revived the cargo lost there funding for the station objective and the mime continued to grief the round and steal more equipment and tech which really ruins the round for the 100+ other players on the server. I’m not familiar with SS13 admin system operates but I’ve moderated other RP games and I imagine easily with the amount of player its hard to keep track of it but it rarely goes perfect throwing commands at players before you check though I agree with the stripping me of the mech in that regard so if I was to grief I could not but I imagine it would be return once the situation calms down and explained. Anyway thank you for reading this and sorry as well I think I went overboard with writing this but I’m less annoyed now.

(Text Log)
annotations in brackets

(start point from entering mech near cargo entrance)
(arrives near cargo belt with mech watching Minge Mime terrorizing CT staff)
Koibumi Takada says, “Thats cargo money” (Cargo tech)
Duwang points at the mech to break the box open (Mime pointing at me in mech)
Koibumi Takada says, “Not yours”
Durand hits Duwang! (me after a bit trying to get the mime to go away with warning shot)
Koibumi Takada says, “Officer can you take the mime out of cargo”
Duwang points at the raw bluespace anomaly.
Liam Kemble says, “No” (Sec Officer)
Koibumi Takada says, “He is ordering shittery and hacking airlocks” (mimes crimes)
Duwang hits Durand. Nothing happens.
Liam Kemble says, “Bad”
[Common] Koibumi Takada says, “Nightmare at cargo” (Sec was watching nightmare behind miner door idk what a nightmare is but sec wasnt budging to help)
Koibumi Takada whispers, “Nihtar* a* c*rgo”
Liam Kemble says, “Darn”
(while this is going on I herded the Mime into the airlock with the mech so they cant cause problems which when the shuttle arrives mime trys to hack open to get into shuttle probably steal more cargo so I tried to incapacitate the mime so i can drag them out)
Durand hits Duwang! (X 5)
Duwang seizes up and falls limp, his eyes dead and lifeless…(went to far)
Lucy Daystar says, “Fixed the mime”
Koibumi Takada says, “Why did you”
Koibumi Takada says, “Thats not ok”
(was typing to say I would say I would bring him to medbay after and they could deal with him but then )

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from-Sliggist: whyd you do that
Click on the administrator’s name to reply.

(Mech despawns and mime magics back up I guess admin commands)
Koibumi Takada says, “THE MECH” (might mentioned it but mech was for a bounty fellow CT’s lost money from it needed to complete the station objective)
Duwang looks disappointed at Lucy
Koibumi Takada says, “IT WAS A BOUNTY”
Lucy Daystar says, “Admin” (me trying to stay in character and inform people what’s happened hoping the mech will come back with admin magic after situation sorted )
(Mime resumes stealing crate after revive)
Koibumi Takada says, “Mime get out”
Duwang takes the crate as compensation for my death
Lucy Daystar says, “The minge mime a admin” (me convinved admin is the mime abusing power due talk in a previous round)
(CT leaves with mime stealing crate misses me speaking I go to help CT)
(At cargo Entry)
Koibumi Takada says, “Thats cargo money”
Liam Wells unlocks the raw bluespace anomaly. (scientist I think was wearing blue marked labcoat was opening their boxes from earlier)
Liam Wells puts the raw bluespace core into the science backpack.
Duwang points at Liam Wells.
Duwang points him as if that wise mine
Liam Wells locks the raw bluespace anomaly.
Koibumi Takada says, “Scientist”
Liam Wells puts Liam Wells’s ID Card (Scientist) into the science backpack.
Duwang points at Liam Wells.
Koibumi Takada says, “That mime”
Duwang points at Liam Wells.
Duwang points at Liam Wells.
Duwang shoves Liam Wells! (Mime pushing scientist over and steals bluespace thing)
The flash burns out!
Koibumi Takada says, “Ordered the core”
Lucy Daystar says, “The minge mime is a admin” (me catching and up and typing stuff)
Duwang demands the core
Koibumi Takada says, “With cargo money”
Liam Wells says, “Oh”
Duwang throws the mining satchel.
Duwang puts the raw bluespace core into Parcel Parceaux.
(Mime bolts through Cargo entrance and leaves)
Lucy Daystar says, “Just abusin power” (still wrong maybe idk)
(starts typing response to admin now stuff is calm)
Liam Wells says, “In that case, my bad”(Rest is scientist and CT being confused and sorry)
Koibumi Takada says, “Dude”
Liam Kemble says, “Got it”
Koibumi Takada says, “You just”
Koibumi Takada says, “Gave a mime”
Koibumi Takada says, “A bluespace core”
Koibumi Takada says, “He stole”
Liam Wells asks, “You just said he ordered it???”
Koibumi Takada says, “WITH NO PERMISSION”
Liam Wells says, “Fuck”
Liam Kemble says, “Sorry”

(gets banned past this point)

If you had read the rules, you would know that murdering someone who never even harmed you is against the rules for sure. Even if the mime is a bit of a jerk, you can’t kill them.The most you can do is crit them and bring them to medbay. You brought the mime to -100 health, when crit is at 0. Also, you are supposed to reply to admin messages as soon as possible, and your IC comments make me think you were 100% capable of doing so (“the minge mime a admin”). For the record, the “minge mime” wasn’t the admin that banned you, or anyone on the staff team. Please reread the rules a bit more in depth during your break.

Appeal denied.