Ban appeal Dr. Globuli

Byond Account: Dr. Globuli
Character Name(s): Werner Heisenberg
Discord Name: dude7483
Round ID of Ban: 28164
Ban Message: Screenshot by Lightshot
State your appeal:

I was given telepathy and tourettes. To try out the telepathy I’ve sent someone the message “I hate niggers”. Which was simply roleplaying the tourettes. And no, I wasn’t planning to say it more than once. I indeed am sorry and I’d love to play on your server again.

Adressing the “not responding to ahelp” part: I was literally in the process of explaining exactly that to Zhepyrlion right after I got their message but they banned me before I could send it.

@Horatio22 maybe you should do some research on the bullshit that you say before you say it…
I’ve picked his name for the science aspect.
He was not a Nazi.
He was not a member of the NSDAP.
He rejected Nazi politics.
He defended jewish colleagues.
He didn’t volunteer to work for the government.
He convinced Albert Speer to not start developing a nuclear bomb.

Or are you saying the same thing about Breaking Bad?

Heisenberg has a complex history with the Nazi party. Though some points can be made that he was not a full supporter of the party, he at a minimum:

  1. Represented the Nazi regime at scientific gatherings in occupied territory during the war.
  2. Helped lead the atomic bomb development for Nazi Germany.
  3. Asked the fascist government to intervene in supporting his academic appointments.

It is true that he had a fractious relationship with portions of the SS, and that his post-war career nearly exceeded the length of his pre-war career in Germany. At the end of the day, though not a fascist himself, there is no evidence that Heisenberg to any degree resisted the fascist takeover of Germany. Indeed he was in everyway complicit with it.


You were running around spamming this while playing as a Nazi (no matter what stupid sort of reasoning you’re trying to use to deflect that). Either you’re stupid or think we are. You aren’t welcome here. Don’t bother re-appealing.

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