Ban appeal due to admin error

BYD account : PooPooBumBum
Charecter name : Jazzle
Discord Name : The Supreme Leader#2631
Round id : 11871
ban msg: You have been banned by Sliggist from the server.
Reason: Round 11871 Reason self antag as a clown before becoming a rev got a flame thrower and was lighting other people on fire as a non antag were an mrp server you really need to read the rules
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 3 weeks. The round ID is 11871.

Was accused of self antag underfalse pretense i have hard evidence of no wrong doing. His missunderstanding was due to the fact i was Rev then lost that when i became unconcius and was shortly converted again. Proof below
1st i spawned as rev mid round :Screenshot - 789748110684cbeca9b582e41b359578 - Gyazo
2nd attacked dude with flame thrower at somepoint later
3rd got un rev’d some how and re reve’d soon later : Screenshot - 99a10a68dc684f01d1a8991140ffeab7 - Gyazo

i hope you can see his mistake as i started as a rev but he was to eager to ban me before any thought

Being a rev or not doesnt matter, you still used a flamethrower in the halls to burn a non-valid person down. I wasnt a rev, I wasnt mindshielded, I was a random Scientist working on nanites, I was not starting fights with revs. You saw me in the halls, walked up to me, and set me on fire. I only attacked you with a fire extinguisher after I was already on fire and at half my health (which I regenerated due to my nanites)

I quote "Reason ?self antag? as a clown ?before becoming a rev? got a flame thrower and was lighting other people on fire as a ?non antag? " i was incorrectly banned yet i didnt kill u i mistook you for one of my assasination targets

Yeah, the ban reason needs re-working, but what you did was still against the rules. How would you confuse some random Scientist with a Head of Staff anyways

i did manage to thus \proving u wrong

salem slug :rofl:

This ban was applied correctly. I saw this go down, and you were flamethrowing both revs and non-revs. Even as a rev, you shouldn’t be killing non-mind shielded crew. This ban also should have been a month due to progression, but the banning admin decided to be lenient.

Appeal denied.