Ban appeal due to having the wrong character name

Byond Account: JurLanErn
Character Name(s): Air Marshal Fifty Cent, Yohanestar Patruski 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Jules šŸŽ¶#9165
Round ID of Ban: 25783

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I was told that I did not have an rp friendly name. To solve the issue I decided to log out of the current round and come back on a later round with an rp friendly character. I came back to find that I was banned for 7 days. All I want to do is play this game with my friend. I have been a regular and now Iā€™m getting a lot of hate recently. As a side note someone please let me know what is an rp appropriate name. Are we not allowed to have funny names that have no profanity in them? Is profanity allowed? Please clarify if possible. Thank you

Did I put the ban appeal in the right forum and in the right format? Please guys let me know what I can do.

You wait until the ban appeal has been resolved.

Do not try to PM admins etc. to speed up the process everyone on the server is a volunteer so sometimes it just takes a bit of time.
RP standard 3 should explain our naming policy a little more. In general, your name should be something that someone would realistically have.

Iā€™m changing this to a week-long apperance ban (starting from the date of the ban). In the future, please make sure you are following the template and include a screenshot or the full copy-pasted ban message (including the name of the banning staff member), or your appeal will not be reviewed.

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