Ban appeal: Egret#9644

Byond Account:Frongo
Character Name(s):Sal Sullivan
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Egret#9644
Round ID of Ban: 15613 core 2
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Reason: round id 15613 core 2) as a detective, attempted to duel a crewmember, and when that crewmembe told him repeatedly that he could not duel him, shot the crewmember to crit anyway.
State your appeal:
I realize that ive gotten In trouble before and I dont want to wiggle out of the three days because I think it’s fair but I would just like to explain myself a little bit. I had recently gotten a magic sword from selling my soul to the lawyer. I had been walking around for a little bit when the chap came up to me and asked me for a duel seeing that he also had a magic sword (the ones that talk) I said yes because I wanted the beut. the chap and the sword both had the same text color so when someone told me to they couldn’t fight me and then someone told the paramedic present to count down to duel and the chap didn’t run away but instead stood there I came up quickly with a plan, I was going to pull out my pistol and shoot him because he didn’t specify what he wanted to duel with so when the timer hit one and the chap moved towards me I shot him dead as that is what he said he wanted the duel to be (to the death). I should’ve checked the chat to see who exactly was talking but in the heat of the moment, it didn’t occur to me, for that I am sorry. I was not trying to maliciously ignore the chap but just thought he was talking and not his sword. I was even confused about who said stop but since the paramedic was counting the chap didn’t leave I just assumed the duel was still on.

Ps: I was blinded by my love of magic swords

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If one of you could un*ban me a little early I would give you a big smoochies <3 (promise)

Looking into this i can see why you got confused and attacked another player since when they talk and their sword talks the text appears above the player so it can look like the sword is the person talking and you’re relativity new to fulp and dont know all the weird mechanics or anything yet. This wouldn’t have been a ban if you didnt have two past notes about attacking other players just a few days before this. Lets just try to be carful in the future when you want to battle some one try the rage cage if youre looking to do battling. I got to this ban to late and it expired just a few minutes before i typed this reply so you’re already unbanned.