Ban appeal. Execution of HoS

Byond Account: TritonerTron
Character Name(s): Albert Shick
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): none
Round ID of Ban: 24544

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I was cap, and my NanoTrasen assigned date, the warden, was fired for incompetency. We had cult at that point, so I asked HoS to rehire them. HoS refused and said that his decision is non-negotiable. I explained to them that, due to the fact that security is understaffed and we have cult, every security member is vital and their differences should be put aside for the time being. HoS basically said “alright, if you think we really need more people fighting the cult, I’ll arm the random janitor standing at the brig door.” I followed them to the armory, and said that arming random civilians is not a good idea, as they cannot actually be trusted to not be traitors. I, once again, told HoS to rehire the warden. In response, HoS ordered the random janitor he had just armed to arrest me. This was blatant dereliction of command and mutiny (quote from fulp spacelaw: “This applies to crew attempting to overthrow a department head as well as department heads attempting to overthrow the captain.”). This was a verbal argument, during which HoS decided to arrest his superior over a disagreement. As a last resort, I took out my sabre to fight HoS. I, unlike him, didn’t have any cuffs. We had a fight, during which the warden aided me, and the janitor aided HoS. When the fight concluded, the other sec officers came in and apprehended me. I was reasoning with them in brig, and explained that what had occurred was a legal exeuction for 509. During this time, I was ahelped and asked a few questions (My responses were quite brief, as I was also explaining the situation in-game) Soon after, I got banned. I feel like, if anyone, HoS was the one escalating the situation. One thing that I do see as my fault here is not stopping after I put him in crit, but I did plan on either borging/executing him for his crimes afterwards.

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While the HoS was wrong for trying to arrest you rather than aheping it and letting the staff online deal with it, that doesn’t excuse you demanding he rehire someone who was randomly attacking other sec officers with krav maga gloves. Trying to get someone who was clearly griefing back on the sec team (which has nothing to do with the Valentine’s objectives, by the way) certainly qualifies as command incompetence. While normally this would be a temporary command ban, considering this is your second warning about breaking rules specifically related to the Valentine’s Day event, I’m going to leave it as a server ban while the event is running. This is denied.

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