Ban Appeal: Fascist Leader

Byond Account: Fascist Leader (I know it sounds edgy, but I made this account a few years ago
Character Name(s): Skyler Ackerly
Discord Name (i.e.: Name#1234): Holy Crusader#5684
Round ID of Ban: 20376

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I went to robotics and asked for a tool belt, but the person at the window left, so i
asked ai to open and I took the toolbelt, after I left robotics a roboticist kicked me out, flashed me, and punched me twice, I got up and went to print something, but they came back and flashed me and started beating me up, I did not fight back, and then they started choking me and threw me at a glass table almost killing me, I told another scientist, and he was a witness to this all, then they tried to beat me up again WHILE there was a sec officer there, so I quickly made some restraints and shoved them against a wall and then I was arrested by the sec officer for assault, they did not check the broken glass from the table and did not ask the witness, I told an admin that I was nearly killed and they said they were allowed to crit me, however when they tried to crit me i was already outside their area and a couple of minutes have passed, they also escalated the situation to using lethal force when i was not even fighting back (note i did fight back but that’s only when they tried to choke me which they succeeded at, my internet went out for a few seconds and when i joined back it said i was banned for lying and misusing ahelp.
Edit: I also forgot to mention I was told before not to misuse ahelp, but I think this wasn’t misusing ahelp
Edit 2: I forgot to mention I did weld their door after I was beat up. But it didnt cause much of a problem because they already have tools.

This would inculde asking ai to open up for you and this was explained why its not okay in the ticket


This next part is a fave


like you didnt just weld this doors shut and steal their belt eariler “i trolled them and they retaliated :(”


then its just more logs about how its so unfair you got arrested for stealing things and welding their doors Heres the ahelp you maded


This was a misues of ahelps because sec did nothing wrong here or the other person you said you were going to troll them so you did then you got arrested for it you welded their doors broke in to get their toolbelt then tried to restrain them instead of letting sec to their own job and figure out what the next corse of action would be this ban is denied because there is nothing wrong with it