Ban Appeal for BanangArang

Byond Account: BanangArang
Character Name(s): N/A
Discord Name: Banang#6969
Round ID of Ban: 22134

Ban Message:

State your appeal: When I first played here I honestly was not taking it too seriously. I used a common slur for lizard people in SS13 and was just being a troublemaker in general. I’d like to give the server a real shot. I’ve been playing SS13 for years and like the unique take that Fulp has on it. I’d understand if I stayed banned based on my previous actions, but I thought I’d at least give it a shot.

Doesn’t look like youve been banned on any other servers I will accept this one. Please read the rules slurs in any form are not ok. If anything like that happens again this will go right on back to a perma.