Ban Appeal for BanID #24201

Byond Account: Falconlunchables
Character Name: Kelsey Best
Round ID of Ban: 17683

Ban Message:

Happened upon a guy suspiciously dragging a corpse into the chapel. IIRC the only thing he said was “ERP” to which I jokingly said “May I watch?”.
I soon left as he didn’t do anything suspicious to it with me nearby, eventually got gibbed in medbay without any determinable cause and after respawning as a drone, I was banned without any admin dialogue.
Sorry for breaking a core rule with what I thought started with a joke, but I feel a warning such as being told my conduct no matter the intent was inappropriate before getting banned would have been right.
Thank you for taking the time to look the matter over.

Accepted. Please ahelp next time a situation like this happens so you aren’t caught up in it.

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