Ban Appeal for blank876

Byond Account: blank876
Character Name(s): Unkown
Discord Name: loki9588#7671
Round ID of Ban: 12972

Ban Message: As a non antagonist virologist, you released a lethal virus on the station. when contacted, you didn’t reply.

State your appeal: it was my first time as virologist i was trying something new and following the wiki but didn’t use protective gear and made a mistake. i tried exiting to go to med and tell someone to heal me but i realized soon after i couldn’t talk because no one was responding and i also could hear as i didn’t see chat above anyone. i do admit i should have stayed in viro and radioed someone but wasnt thinking, one thing i do know was this was not on purpose it was a mistake and im sorry, to who may read this im asking for a second chance for it will be my last time going viro for a long while as i dont trust my skills at all

This was only a perma based on you not replying to the ahelp, and it’s been a long time, so I’m appealing this ban. Please read the server rules and ask our mentors if you have any questions on game mechanics. Welcome back!