Ban appeal for Coolyz

Byond Account: Coolyz
Character Name(s): I don't know
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): coolyz.
Round ID of Ban: 27624

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Core 2 - Bombed the main hallway because of an IC conflict. We suspect this is a grief account.

State your appeal: As you can see stated above, I bombed the hallway due to a conflict with the chief. What started all this is because I wanted to get into botomy and kitchen to grab some stuff I needed for what I was going to make. I saw a botomist keycard at the ground and took it just for a while so that I could open the doors. Chief saw this as an act of stealing, which was reasonable, so he pushed me and started beating me up. I tried to explain to him that I only needed the key for a while and I will return it when I am done. Chief didn’t care and threw me outside. I was already having a bad day so this just made me mad, and I wanted to bomb the kitchen but he locked himself in, so I bombed the kitchen windows at the hallway. Looking back, I do agree with the staff team that bombing the hallway is quite unreasonable, and I deserve at least some sort of punishment, but a permanent ban is just too much. I hope you can understand.

You realize this isn’t any better, right? This is especially suspicious considering the account was brand new. This is denied.