Ban appeal for DataL (Validhunting and Powergaming)

Byond Account:DataL
Character Name(s):Data Lazinyo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):data_31755
Round ID of Ban:28366

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:I got banned due to Validhunter and power gaming. I didn’t make any effort to be a Validhunter, and I stole weapons to sell. Additionally, someone attacked an innocent person in front of me, and I retaliated against them, so I didn’t target any heretics. It might be true that I had just arrived at the station, but I had decided that there was no issue with arming myself because the round was about to end very soon after my arrival. If you ask why I armed myself instead of selling weapons, my answer is, “I didn’t have enough weapons to sell. The only weapon I could steal was a disabler. Also, the station was heading for an instant collapse.” Furthermore, since I didn’t do these actions against an antagonist, is it right to consider my actions as Validhunter actions? I’m sure I’ve read the rules, and I’ve read them again, but I still don’t see it as appropriate to label this as a Validhunter action. If you have any additional questions about hacking tools, my answer is, "They were only used for theft and assisting personnel, and nothing else.

I stole the ID cards, but I have a reason for all of them.

I don’t remember where I found the engineer’s card. Probably found it somewhere randomly.

While saving security’s life, I used their card to open doors. It was left on me.

After killing the heretic, I took heretic card for collect the money.

If defending an innocent person and killing someone who has committed a crime with a 401 code is a reason for a ban. I will never again stop any action taken by a evil/antagonist and I will not take any action to protect an innocent person.I defend all my actions except for theft. I reject any punishment imposed for the actions I defend, and I never plan to learn any lesson about being right in this matter.

I believe it’s not forbidden to kill any heretic who hasn’t fully regained their power. Because people kill me without hesitation when i am heretic.

If you’re wondering why I’m not on Discord, another answer I have is, “I keep forgetting my account passwords, so I’m constantly on different accounts.”

People get mad at me when I wasn’t doing my job, and they said I could get a job ban . Is it inappropriate for me to try to build my own hospital while I’m in the robotics? Because no one gives me the materials when i am assistant.if this a mistake I didn’t make this mistake twice.

This is still against the rules under our greytiding policy. I am changing your ban to say greytiding instead of valid hunting, but the ban itself is valid and will not be appealed.