Ban appeal for Edward

Byond Account: Puny_Edward
Character Name(s): Jesse Pinkmen, Eduardo Barrett
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): 12345671#8608
The round ID of Ban: 10850
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): image
State your appeal: First of all, let me explain what I will detail in this appeal, Remorse? absolutely, and regret, I am not going to start saying “It’s not my fault,”, It was my fault and I bear the full responsibility, And I apologize for that, this was the old me, I am no longer this, And I will ensure that I really do wish to keep on playing on this server, and I really apologize for ruining the fun for the player because of my absolutely disgraceful irresponsibility, I learn from my mistakes and I ask for the admins to please, look upon this beloved Christmas to give me a chance to redeem myself, I am no longer that person, I changed and I am willing to show it and promise it. I apologize to the player, I apologize to the admins for wasting their time on me, and I swear I will never ever do such a foolish thing, I’m a changed man now and I’d love to get back into Fulp, as I miss the server dearly, I will not cause any more issues and I wish for the admins to have a heart of gold to give me a chance, I also apologize to Manray for wasting his time, thank you. I know that I’ve committed many other mistakes, and you will look at me as a repeat offender, but I promise with full honesty that I changed and I wish to keep playing with pure goodwill, so I ask for the admins to please consider this beautiful Christmas the proper date for my unbanning, again, thank you. I have fully read the rules and I now consider myself fully familiar with them.

Your ban appeal has been accepted. I’m glad you’ve looked over the rules since your ban. Please make sure to follow them while on the sever. You should be able to log in now; feel free to ping me on the Discord if you’re having issues getting on.