Ban Appeal for Game

Byond Account: JragonGamer
Character Name: Jackson
Discord Name: JragonGamer#0631
Round ID of Ban: 11804
Ban Message:

State your appeal: A couple things, one I have only ever played Roboticist, Shaft Miner, and a Technician (I switched to roboticist from HOP) and as far as that, I’ve never played the chef role, let alone do any of the things the ban messahe says I’ve did. Which is why I’m confused because I’ve been able to play on fulpstation yesterday and the day before, which is why im confused by the ban being applied the 29th. This all happened when I switched from using my PC, to using my Laptop today. It’s all just very confusing to me of how I’ve even been banned in the first place and I’d like some clarification, thank you.

Edit: Just tried playing on my PC, and i can play and login just fine, so I’m confused why it says I’m banned on my Laptop but not my PC, thanks

Not sure why our system would have picked you up if this wasn’t you. If you are using a VPN on the laptop then it could be that.

Would an antivirus software do it?

Doubtful, in my opinion. I’ll look into it, and I’m sure folks higher up on the food chain will too.

Thank you! I appreciate you looking into this!

Can you repost with the full ban message? The issue is something with the original person’s ban, and I’ll need that ckey to make it so you can play on your laptop.

Well, the image I put on the post is the full ban message I saw when I tried joining, so could you be more specific?

All bans start with “Banned by host: You, or another person on this computer or connection (ckey) are banned from playing here.” - I need the ckey of the person whose ban you’re catching on your laptop

Whenever I load the game, that part of the ban message looks cutoff, anyway I can fix that?

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out

This should be fixed- let me know if you can’t log in on your desktop still!