Ban appeal for GameGrumpsDan

Byond Account:GameGrumpsDan
Character Name(s):Nikolas Cruz
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):pussbear#7429
Round ID of Ban:17915

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I didnt even know about the school shooter with the same name, and honestly i meant to put Nickolas but missed the c and didnt notice. Its a very common name i just thought of randomly. I’ll make sure to google any more names i come up with to avoid this. My bad.

also i was banned 4 months ago.

Those are all also 4 months old. Could i please get another chance to play the game properly? i just want to play.

I realize that if you were to unban me, any slightest infraction will get me permabanned. Can I please just get this chance? I feel like 4 months is a good enough time to be punished.

i was actually going to accept this because i thought you should get another chance even though youve done some stinkies in the past saying

Made me think that you understood that you shouldn’t be breaking the rules and then i hear from our other staff, mods and senior mods you’ve been messaging them to get your ban appealed and you killed your shot showing you havnt read our rules at all.

This ban appeal has been up for one day and you didn’t want to wait for an admin response and chose to message staff who have 0 to do with appeals. So this is denied you can try again in 6 months.