Ban Appeal for Grug

Byond Account: Grug_make_fire
Character Name: Grug Spaceman
Discord Name: ackbarscrowbars#5559
Round ID of Ban: 18832
Ban Message: "Reason: Killed a paramedic at an escape pod, lied about the reason why saying it was spasm when the logs clearly show otherwise. Furthermore, you had noted they had apparently set you to arrest erlier. This would have been a note if you hadn't lied in ahelp."

State your appeal:
Details of the ban’s reasons are incorrect.

They were not a paramedic, they were a lawyer. I had not lied in ahelp, I attempted to state as best I could in my tired confusion that it was a misunderstanding.
I did NOT say I killed them with spasm, I said that I thought they were attacking me because of it. I did not read the red text initially because it was just the two of us in a pod. I was tense due to the round’s situation, and responded to the supposed attacker.

So I had murdered a lawyer in a misunderstanding involving a disease setting me on fire and causing spasms. It was making me hit myself at the speed another player would, so I had thought it was the lawyer in the pod with me. Not cognizant of what the red text said, I killed them.

They had ahelped, obviously, and I attempted to explain to the admin that I acknowledge it was an error on my part, and I thought the lawyer assaulted me.

The situation was the result of simple human error and details of the ban are incorrect regardless, and disregard what I had attempted to state.


Given the situation, this was not really a great way to handle it, but I don’t think you are lying and that’s why it was made a ban rather than a note. I’ll be decreasing this to a note. Accepted.