Ban Appeal for JaxonMaxx part 2.5

Byond Account: JaxonMaxx
Character Name(s): rebecca
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): JaxonMaxx#8293
Round ID of Ban: 13277
Ban Message: Cringe78 is banned from playing here due to hatespeech after already being warned once. This is a permanent ban.

This isnt my character key. I dont know why this happened again. But a ban applied to one byond account also was applied to me.

Update: cringe78 is not my brother nor do I know anything about him. I dont know why we share the same IP address but I must’ve accidently used a vpn one time while I tried to hop into the server. I am not trying to be ignorant. I truly do not know cringe78 at all.

I can’t give away too much info, but you triggered our ban evasion system in a way that is typically reliable. The whole situation is a bit suspicious, which is why your other appeal was denied. However, after looking into it further, I don’t think you are lying. I have unbanned your account.

You should be able to connect. I’ll leave this open for a day or so, so let me know if you aren’t after that.

thank you. I was able to log in. Is there anything I can do to change my IP so that someone else’s ban doesnt get me banned as well? Like I said I prolly used a vpn by accident when logging into the server one time. Also this isnt the first time this has happened to me. Its very odd.