Ban appeal for Jim_Kain27

I was a mind magnified monkey, and killed the guy who made me because I attacked the QM with a bat. I defended myself and didn’t notice him going into crit, killing him. I made myself look like a jackass to the admin who asked me why i’d done it, and said things which I thought had happened which didn’t. I really enjoy the server, and a 3 day ban would be kind of shitty. I would appreciate a review, as my actions and responses were more from ignorance and stupidity than malice. Thanks

Round ID: 11046
Account Name:Jim_Kain27
Character Name: I was a monkey, 441 I think
Ban Message:

Please follow the template as we aren’t able to look into it if we don’t have most of this information.

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updated it with the information I have. If it isn’t enough, I understand.

It seems like the ban was applied properly. You were only attacked once as a monkey and retaliated by beating the person to -110 health, where crit is at 0. With our escalation rules, even if you are attacked by someone else, you should stop attacking someone when they enter crit. Doing so past crit is somewhat acceptable, since it isn’t easy to tell, but to -100 health is not. Please remember that most ghost roles are not antagonists, so you shouldn’t treat it like they are.

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