Ban appeal for Kiromaka

Byond Account:Kiromaka
Character Name(s):Vladislav Drakula
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Kiroma#0304
Round ID of Ban:18810

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Core-2 self antag as non antag chaplain tided into genetics then beat another player to death - this ban was applied by Horatio22

State your appeal: I didnt recive any pms or questions during the round because i already left,
I gave my things to another chap so maybe i got messed up, but i did beat player to death but i will explain mysefl.

First genetic tiding - i think i ever tided into genetics i got there 2 times first i got there by asking a borg and genetics didnt even ask us to leave second time we climbed up into genetics thru the window but genetics allowed us to do it.

The reason for that was to get hulk because as chaplain i thought one of my jobs was hunting vamps, and to be fair we did hunt vamps and even killed one.

From that follows beating to death i think i only killed 2 people one vamp and another one was eaither hypnotiezed or a tider cause he saved the vamp and gave him shelter in his locker room, after we proofed and left the vamp to burn on the sun we tried to hunt the curator down because he saved the vamp, after we downed him we found out he didnt burn so he probably was not a vamp so we got him to medical and jacketed him so my friend chap could re hypnotize him while cmo was getting him back i left cause i had to go,
so anything that heapned after i was not a part of.

So i dont get how exactly i tided into genetics if i never broke anything and asked genetics to get in explaining my vamp hunt, beating player to death was reasonble first one was vamp second one saved him and my chaplain friend was meant to res him after i left cause he was not a vamp. So i dont exaclty get what did i do wrong.

The only antagonist Chaplains are allowed to valid hunt by our rules are Cultists as the Chaplain itself is always a target.
It is an understandable mistake but not from someone with as many bans and notes as you. We expect that after being banned 10 times you would have read them properly.