Ban Appeal for Lyn McCain

  • Byond Account:Cloud715
  • Character Name(s):Lyn McCain
  • Discord Name Cloud715#8913
  • Round ID of Ban:11835
  • Ban Message
  • State your appeal: I will say that I got a little carried away for taking the guys id and setting people to arrest. Especially when i just got off a ban but i never really died i just sat in a room for like 30 minutes waiting for someone to talk to me because i figured that i was gonna get in trouble for that and nobody messaged me so i just left my computer for the rest of the round because I had to be somewhere and at the time of death which going back was a long time after that I was not there to respond to an admins and i do apologize for causing trouble with the incident. I wish to return and do my best on being at least a helpful player instead of causing unnessicary trouble for others i understand that i haven’t had the best track record but i will do my best

You were originally permabanned for this exact type of behavior, and you couldn’t even go a week without greytiding. We appealed your first perma with the hope that you had learned from your mistakes and would conduct yourself more appropriately in the future. Your complete refusal to even attempt to do so was a slap in the face to the mod team that gave you a second chance.

Appeal denied.