Ban Appeal for Medalis

Byond Account: Medalis
Character Name(s): Don't remember the character name from the original ban. 
Discord Name Nomad#0490
Ban ID: 32005 
Ban Date: 2019-04-04 10:45:52
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): threw a firebomb at the bridge as a non antag This type of behavior is bannable on all servers The SS13 community does not tolerate shitters like this.
Admin that applied the ban: ss4gogeta0

State your appeal:
I am here to appeal the ban as recommended by Horatio22. The reason I chose to evade is because I didn’t think that the admins here would accept my appeal. Since seeing all the denied ban requests on server forums has lead me to lack confidence in forgiveness. I apologize for my initial firebombing in 2019, it was an exceptionally poor display of violence. And as time has gone on I’ve grown to like more peaceful gameplay. Please consider unbanning me as I enjoy playing on your station.

You had an old ban from 3 years ago when we were al LRP server, I’m not sure why you think that not going to be appealed our appeal rate is just a little under half acepted. It’s not about the fire bombing anymore its the fact that you decided to evade which is way way way worse then just throwing a fire bomb at the bridge 3 years ago. So the fire bomb appeal i’ll accept but youre still going to be banned for evasion.