Ban Appeal for Ogrum84

Byond Account: Peen man ogrum
Character name: Potted Plant (one of two people named this), Magicarp, chaos magicarp
Discord Name: Ogrum84#3260
Round ID: 10935
Ban Message: As a magic carp went around causing chaos without any orders to do so. He killed himself in aprison and took a chaos carp to cause more trouble so i gave away his body to a ghost.

note that this ban appeal long, and was honestly a shot at “hey as long as I tell them the truth, what bad can possibly happen.” I will be fine with waiting out my 3-day ban if you feel the need to look past it.

Appeal: ok, so, I’m (relatively) new to the game, and had no clue what I was doing. To pick this apart, I was told by my creators I could shoot items to turn them into living creatures; I was not, however, told they would kill people. You could assume the first thing I thought was: oh fuck. so naturally I was all like hey lets try to create a religion, and, thinking it would all be fine, I shot things in the chapel, since there were only two people there, who were at little risk since I could undo my creations. then I got an admin message. oh fuck. I couldn’t answer their question (who created you?) since I didn’t pay attention to names. so I had a little more seemingly innocent fun, not knowing it really was not fine! so then I lagged, and when it cleared I was in a 1x2 prison. already super damaged from people hitting me, and mis-clicking and hitting myself more than I would like to admit. I tried to hit a window to see if any people were outside, but my fat fish body was in the way! I hit myself once, and died. me and my friend who were in a vc laughed a bit at my misfortune, then moved on. (he was spectating me because he got killed by the living items, which is how I learned they were aggressive in the first place.) so later in the match I got a notification asking if I would like to be a chaos magicarp, and obviously said yes. to my surprise, I became a ghost within 30 seconds of becoming one. I had no clue how that happened at the time, so I started playing normally again before getting the message. I am not saying here that the message is wrong, or that the admin that banned me is in the wrong, but instead only justifying my actions in the game. I personally think that both ends had a bit of misinformation or had made some wrong assumptions.

I just learned that, compared to some of the others, this was a pretty short appeal.

Appeal accepted next time please respond to admin messages you just have to click the name of the admin who bonked you.