Ban Appeal for P-MCT

Byond Account: P-MCT 
Character Name(s): Alldolf Healer
Discord Name .lowlander
Round ID of Ban: Round 21718                                                                                                        
Ban Message:

State your appeal:

About a year ago I joined Fulp with a friend while trialling out different servers, I rolled in as a medical role and thought it would be slightly humorous to roleplay as the pacifist medical doctor Alldolf Healer. Couple rounds went on with no abrasive antag roles or outright causing issues to anyone. It’s been about a year so I can’t really recall the rounds specifically but I didn’t believe I caused any issues or problems until I was informed so by a moderator.

I don’t remember in full what dialogue I had exchanged with Zzzmike other than I disagreeing with them regarding if it was appropriate or not. Like I said I never caused any issues during gameplay other than my disagreement with the admin. From what I remember, I outright refused to change said name, resulting in a complete permeant ban.

Admittedly naming a character after a chap who caused a world war might breach rule 4 of the core rules, but I never intended to break any hate-speech or discrimination rules. Yes he asked for me not to not “name myself after hitler” and I didn’t agree being it was an alias, and was promptly banned with the opportunity to appeal.

Why take about a year to appeal? Well after the ban occurred I outright stopped playing SS13 until recently. I originally was going to appeal soon after but I was pretty burnt out so I didn’t bother.

I recognise that the name wasn’t appropriate, and apologise for any offense that I may have caused. I’d very much appreciate if this was lifted, and that I may rejoin the server and continue gaming.


What IC name would you plan on using?

Human? Killian Locke.

Plasmaman? Arsenic XXII.

I am very cautiously accepting this, but please note that any core 3 or 4 violations will put you back on a perma ban, so make sure you are familiar with our hate speech and sexual content standards before re-joining.