Ban Appeal for permanent ban

Byond Account:Th0ttyPatrol
Character Name(s):Eats-the-booty (changing)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Not on discord
Round ID of Ban:24589

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: i was perma banned for letting the heretic continue, after they came to be beggining of the round asking for permission to legally do their objectives and i said as long as it was within space law i dont see a problem, the chef they ‘sacrificed’ put themselves into crit, once questioned they said they didnt wanna press charges and consented to it. As for the name i was bwoinked my last round and just forgot to change it before joining which was my bad but this is the name i had since 2019 so sorry i forgot to change it. ‘admin’ Horatio22 also stated i had multiple reports of being bad with sec before, but these were from 2020!!! if your insurance doesnt care about accidents from before 3 years ago reports from 3 years ago shouldnt matter either!

Notes are a tool we use to track poor behavior if we talk to someone about not opening cans of plasma its a good tool to see if they’ve already been talked to before about it. You have notes about poor sec behavior meaning you’ve been talked to and warned before. You also were banned from bee the day previously because of how you play sec. In this same round you got banned twice for how you acted as hos. Both abusing your power by breaking a crewmates arms and then letting a heretic run around and fuck up the crew. To be the HOS you have to have some level of competency. When you get 3 bans in 2 days all based around abusing power as sec the inappropriate ckey is just the cherry on top. I can’t see you coming back and being able to fit into an MRP environment so I’m denying this appeal for now.

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