Ban appeal for playing the lusty xenomorph maid on intercom

Byond Account: Absolute Martin
Character Name(s): Mikko Vainio
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Absolute Martin #3531
Round ID of Ban: 17539

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I am terribly sorry for the trouble i have caused, as i thought it was allowed, now let me explain, roughly about a hour before i did played the book on intercom i asked on ahelp if it is allowed to do. there was no admin online at the time, so i asked a mentor, would i get banned for doing it, which the mentor responded to “No” then i thought it was allowed, moments later HugoOdaX joined in and said nope. At this moment i did not remember, if i asked the admin “will i get banned for this?” or “is this allowed?”. At the moment i thought the nope meant that i was allowed to do it so i did it. I am deeply sorry for the trouble i have caused and won’t do it again, i promise, i did not know it was not allowed, and had a slight misconception.

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This goes on for a while, so for the interest of modesty I guess, I’ll cut it before it gets explicit:

and shortly after, you asked a mentor if it were against the rules, and they replied yes.

To clarify, you posting it over intercoms was not what made this against server rules- saying it in the first place is enough. Anyone observing the round can see everything that’s typed in-game, which is why consensual ERP in a closed dorm is still against server rules. Other people can see it and are exposed to it whether they want it to be or not even if no other player characters are around.

You broke the rules before you contacted staff about it, so I have a hard time believing anything about this being an honest mistake. Obviously, this is denied.