Ban appeal for recent round

Byond Account: CatoS
Character Name(s): Conner Pfeiffer
Round ID of Ban: round ID 23124
Ban Message: Breaking into engineering, and then shooting the engineers who kicked you out with chloral hydrate. Take some time off to cool down, and to read our rules.
State your appeal: I only partially dispute the the events, but I want to discuss this since I find this a gross overreaction, first I didn’t break into engineering I went in since it was open, second i was accused of greytiding wich i didn’t do, I just wanted to get a matter bin for a med pen refiller, I admit that I may have a bit overreacted but I dont really think a 30 day ban for such a petty thing is justified. So the events that happened were I wanted to build a medpenrefiller and after i went into engineering was instantly grabbed and pushed around wich i cant stand since there is a a security and B you can just ask people ingame what they’re doing so i thought i’d take some harmless revenge on the not very nice person and shoot her with 15u Chloralhydrate wich only knocks you out and is relatively harmless as a revenge, an unrelated engineer tried to push me as i came back so i shot him instead, but got beaten up by other engineers and taken to sec, there i had a discussion with the admin before i could add something more I was banned the end. I don’t think a ban is warranted for this since well that’s what security is there for. I also think the admin overreacted and banned me because i was banned from scientist for bombing the shuttle to early.

Also as further defense this is comparatively harmless revenge compared to other possible things as revenge for example blowing up engineering I acted rash and in anger for being treated badly by other players and this is what i got and i don’t really think its proportionale to my misdeeds

Did you shoot people with choral hydrate?

[quote=“Horatio22, post:3, topic:6300”]
t people with choral hydrate
[/quote]yes 1 person with 15 u the engineer who tried to disarm me as I came back and tried to find the person who threw me

Cool, that’s all I need to know
Shooting people with harmful chemicals is against the rules no matter what dumb explanation you try to provide for it. Our bans are based on a system of progression and get longer with each successive ban. This is denied. Your next ban will be a perma.