Ban Appeal for: Seþ#2464

Byond Account: Hoolny
Character Name(s): Seth Deces
Discord Name: Seþ#2464
Round ID of Ban: No round ID

Ban Message: Saw a glimpse of it as a notification in my phone but don’t really have it

State your appeal: I personally don’t see what I exactly did and I don’t think this was enough to just ban me outright while I was asleep but I do understand I am not wanted on the discord non the less I want to be there, so I propose a compromise

I get permission to get back into the discord but I get permanently placed on the ultimate shed.

I don’t really like being banned of stuff it leaves a bad feeling in me so I just want to still be on the discord for the sake of it also people that are on the ultimate shed get to have a cool black name and I like how it looks.

We’re fine with this. I’ll unban you now and you can make another post in the requests for verification channel.