Ban Appeal For SoulsRuined (Question and Appeal)

Byond Account: SoulsRuined
Character Name(s): Damien Bozo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Osump#7170
Round ID of Ban: 38310

Ban Message (Gyazo/Imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I have been banned from Good permanently as I think a week
ago including their website and discord, I am shocked to know the cross-ban server is a thing after I’ve been informed it is. Why am I permanently banned even though my records(this server) aren’t that bad?

Edit: After some questioning with the staff I understand my situation, is it possible for me to have a second chance since my history in fulp station is not had, I do understand stand my position in goon is not welcomed but after comparing the rules and reading them it was something dumb that I did, if possible I’m just asking for one last chance and inshallah in the future I won’t break any rules and my records will be clean.

PS: ignore the questions I deleted, the staff I asked answered those questions.

Thanks for reading this appeal and I hope you can answer my questions,

Best Regards Osump.

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i made a mistake with the round id its actaully26573, sorry for the typo

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I assume you meant bad

We just cant keep doing this denied