Ban appeal for Twisted

Byond Account: TwistedAnomaly
Character Name(s):Jack shirley
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Twisted#4085
Round ID of Ban: 17698

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot - 0945981050f4756309301f368480bb4a - Gyazo
Screenshot - 49774fc5e875489564d526d474e02ff0 - Gyazo
Screenshot - 2959a36ad63814cb1e6bd78ff554fe84 - Gyazo
Screenshot - 0ecc7d056506f2e68da8000709d51c61 - Gyazo
State your appeal: Ok so this started when we got a combustable lemon and I threw it in the back where there was no one bc me and friends brought new person to play space station and wanted to show him funny plant. Got a admin message asking why I did that I get that thats fine said I wouldnt do it again and I didnt we never messed with the lemons after that. So was telling him how to grow plants and stuff we would type in the chat if the situation popped up. So fast foward to our friend messing with a smoke machine and he gets kidnapped by a changeling that happens to be john willard didnt come to find out till end of round but either way its in the middle of everyone and we chase him. Meds and sec officer notice it happening in back of medbay when they knocked me down and we saw the direction he ran to and showed sec. I then walk back to botany and we just stayed there minus seeing the executions going on but I get messages asking why we are metacomming which we are just chilling talking in a discord about botany stuff and nothing else. We are talking to people in game but most of the time power was out. I explain whats going on and stuff but then get smacked with got nothing else to say then? I should of taken pictures of my replies but its a bit ridiculous I get smacked with a perma ban.

John had suspicions of metacomming before he interacted with you IC and got approval from admins in the Discord mod chat before engaging with you to test it out. Your ban had absolutely nothing to do with John being a changeling. Metacomming is one of the few things we permaban for on the first offense, and in case you didn’t notice, you were the only one who was perma’d out of the group. This is because you we’re the only one who lied about it after you were caught. If you’re going to metacomm, you might as well coordinate what you’re going to tell the mods. Anyway, this ban was placed correctly, so this is denied.