Ban Appeal: FormorA

Byond Account: FormorA
Character Name(s): Pandan
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 17211

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: So what had happened this round is early on as a Paramedic, I had went to the chapel where the religion was sparring or combat, (I’m not too sure of the name) and had fought another paramedic and won, and had gotten to keep them as a soul stone and as a ghost friend. Later on, I’m in medbay and critically wounded as I had died and getting my limbs and ears reeatached so I couldn’t hear anything. As a ghost I see that my ghost friend is talking to one of the doctors and tells them to take them out of the bag and summon them out of the shard as they were going to go do something (I don’t remember exactly what they said.) I see my ghost friend leave and go somewhere while occasionally checking on me in Medbay. When I do eventually get revived, (and later on get my limbs replaced) my ghost friend is there and tells me that another paramedic had taken my stone, so I tell them to go find them and get their stone back and bring it to me. They come back later on and tell me that the paramedic who had them (who I’ll refer to as she) had taken it and throne it down disposals. So me and my ghosty friend go over to disposals quickly and try to find the shard through all the garbage, but there was nothing there. So we try and go back to find the paramedic who said she had thrown it away to see what she had ACTUALLY done with it, and when I ask her, she says “I lied,” pulls out the stone, captures my ghost friend back in, and starts to run away. Me and my friend both start to panic and so I try and shove her down to try and get the shard out of her hand, but she had put it in her bag. So I get a little more worried and decide to push her onto the glass tables in sci while she’s running away and shoving me so I can safely get my friend out of her bag. Someone who was there was trying to fight me because they thought I was beating the paramedic for no reason, but me and my ghost friend tell them that the paramedic had stolen my friend in the stone and my stone with it, and they start to help us. I eventually get the paramedic down and take their bag and get my stone back, and I start to leave after leaving their bag on the ground. Now moving on, I had gotten stung early by a changeling in the cafeteria and had been forcefully changed into a meatman and wanted to change myself back into a human, so I hang around sci with my ghost friend as he told me to try and get a xenobiologist to help us but there was no one there that seemed to know how to work the machine, so my ghost friend tells me how to make green mutagen and turn myself back into a human. All throughout this process, this paramedic is roaming around sci assaulting us and harassing me every single time she sees us, and I just shove her or run or hide around corners just trying to avoid her, or asking for help from people in sci. I figured ignoring her would probably be the best option. The latest time it occurred, we had had enough and we had decided to fight back since she had been throwing toolboxes, a fire extinguisher, and using a laser scalpel to cut me, I take her laser scalpel and fight back against her with it and somehow cut off one of her limbs but she keeps trying to attack me and my entire screen is almost entirely red at this point so I just try to get her down and to stop fighting, which I do, and she ends up dying. I take her body on a roller bed and drag her to medbay and attach her to a stasis bed. I take some of her blood in a syringe so I can go create my mutagen and convert myself back into a human, and I leave it at that as I didn’t want anything to do with them and just wanted them to leave us alone. I had called for help multiple times when she would attack us in sci. I don’t recall stealing anyone’s items or killing someone solely because they stole my soul shard and my friend as Tom F Hardy wrote in the ban. He had told me in ahelp that he didn’t have enough time to wait for me to respond and had told me to hurry so I tried to write as fast as I could and send all the info I knew quickly before the round ended as he had messaged me while the round was ending. The moment I tried to join back to continue the ahelp I had found out I was banned for seven days.

Throughout the initial confrontation with her where she has my friends stone I had told her multiple times to give me my friend back and my ghost friend was yelling at her multiple times to give him back as well, but she just kept trying to shove me and run away.

Do you remember who it was who you had the conflict with?

I’m really sorry I don’t :(. It was a while ago but I know it was a girl and I think they had blue hair, so I’m not entirely sure. I don’t know if it helps but I know they said “I lied” and then captured my friend and ran away while we were in science. They were also the person who ended up fighting with me a majority of the time during the later parts of the shift.

It’s fine; I was able to figure it out from the logs. Looking through everything, you were both acting like complete morons for most of the round, but it does look like she started the conflict by looting you in medbay. Neither of you should have been in R&D where the fight broke out to begin with which is also frustrating. I’m leaving the note because you were still partially at fault, but this isn’t really sufficient to ban over. Next time this happens, please just ahelp and let admins take care of it instead of going on a crusade.

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