Ban Appeal from Jesse Jerrycan

Byond Account: Kingslayer49
Character Name(s): Jesse Jerrycan
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Kingslayer49#9320
Round ID of Ban: 23877

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):image
State your appeal: I was banned today, during a round of bloodbrothers I attacked a doctor and another chemist in order to steal the warden’s gloves, I however, lost and was tabled and subsequently banned shortly thereafter. I was under the mindset that innocent bystanders would not just stand around and let me steal the gloves, and that the best course of action was for me to strike first to gain the upper hand. I could have waited to see if my bloodbrother was left in medbay, or if they were able to be revived and escape with me, however, I strongly believed that after they were revived they would be carted off to security with little resistance, and it would be even harder to get him back due to my inaction.
I understand that the “all roads lead to Rome” approach that I did was brash, and I probably could have feigned self defense after being shoved during a strip attempt, but I also believe that the admin handling my ticket refused to acknowledge or warn me of my strategy. Firstly, the admin didn’t even ask me what my roundstart job was, and believed that I was a different character, a chemist. Second, the admin asked me why I wasn’t making bombs through chemistry. (Side note, there were multiple other chemists, why would me making a straightup bomb not be suspicious and immediately told to sec and lead to the same problem?) I believe that the admin had very little context to the situation and expected me to sneakily complete my objectives, despite the time crunch I was under with what little equipment I had, and simply judged me based on my immediate actions. I would like to add that the admin mentioned I had “done this again recently,” whether this is due to another action I have taken when playing, despite me having solved a “recent” case weeks prior (did not understand ling rules, my fault) with another admin. I have zero clue what this could mean, and I think this was handled very poorly with a low amount of effort to look into it on his part.
If I am unbanned, I will make sure to further my effort to learn game mechanics and techniques in order to prevent landing in the same situations, and will use said techniques in order to involve less innocents and fall in line with the antagonist rulebook.

You were a doctor and not a chemist, but both have access to the same chemicals and you had killed your chemist target and looted their ID, so that point is null.
You could have gone and done your goals in multiple different ways, instead you choose to splash acid on a non target doctor and delete most of their items.
Regardless, I will change this for an antag ban as you had previous issues with killing non targets and was talked about it but your last issue with other rules is quite old.