Ban Appeal - Fulpstation

  • Byond Account: Hotbuttercake
  • Character Name(s): random
  • Discord Name zoobat#5419
  • Round ID of Ban: 9291
  • Ban Message :Round 9291 Reason core 2 grief as an assistant shooting people with a shot gun they got in the halls as a nonantag youve been banned from sec before and were just talked to 3 days ago about killing other prisoners

State your appeal :

I understand what I did was wrong and shouldn’t have accidently shot someone… I mean I was honest and even said sorry but what ever.
I’m sorry , I will read your rules over before I start to play again, please unban me when you can.

you can come back to the discord and fulp but you’ll still have to server the rest of your original ban which was 3 days so your down to 2 now