Ban appeal gabe460

Byond Account: gabe460
Character Name(s): Gabe pants\ Gabe Hotpants
Discord Name: N/A
Round ID: 11285
Ban Message: banned by host: you or another user of this computer or connection (gabe460) is banned from playing here the ban reason is: round 11285 - Core 2). malicious acts. as a golem who was already talked about over interacting negatively with the round, you flooded the station with BZ and plasma for no discernable reson appeal this on the forums if you want to actually follow the rules this ban (banID #15062) was applied by Tom f Hardy on 2020-12-10 22:24:24 during round ID 11422 this a permanent ban.
State your appeal: i was told to reapply for a ban appeal in a month I did as told and read the rules as asked here is the words they said to a T ( So I’ve looked into this and can explain it better. On round 11285 you had been using a wand on people and the hop harmed you and you were talked to letting you know that you know that on fulp ghost roles are not allowed to antag on the station and given a ban a ghost role ban for it. You then proceeded to plasmaflood the station as a golem which is what this ban was for. With your history of very short time period between a large number of notes and bans i feel this ban is perfectly justifiable and will remain for now. I recommend appealing again in a month and while you are gone maybe give our rules a long read. They can be found here [Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki ] (Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki) (i under stand what i did was wrong and im sorry for not making the game fun for others i will do my best to follow the rules if let back into the sever and if im let back in i will be very happy <3)

You followed the instructions Helianthus gave you, so I am more than happy to accept this appeal with the understanding that you will likely be re-perma’d if you continue breaking the rules.

You should be able to log into the server know; let me know if you have any issues getting on!