Ban appeal - Gekresonn 2: honktastic boogaloo

Byond Account:gekresonn
Character Name(s):Bibble Flart
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): don't use it at the moment
Round ID of Ban:19186

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Snuck into sec to harass the captain and hos for the e sword so i could fry and eat it because clown stuff. stayed around after they left just to piss off the engineer with funny words, when he broke out, he broke out of cuffs, tried to kill the medic, so i stepped in and beat him with a plant. when he died, i made the admittedly poor decision to check his pda to see if he locked it or not so i could get cash with the purpose to buy as much important shit to eat as possible. he didn’t, so i bought money. additionally, my “vaguely homophobic comments” was actually one comment, and one that is hardly homophobic unlike my drunken late night ramblings that lead to bans on other servers. saying that something is “kinda gay bro” is not homophobic, calling someone a funny and telling them to off themselves is.

the traitor will claim my intent was simply to get his shit, however that was an afterthought in the situation.

also, gibbing me was uncalled for. so was banning me without actually saying you were going to do it. this is a problem i’ve had twice on fulp, and it’s incredibly irritating to not have an opportunity to defend myself prior to needing to make an appeal.

I stand by the mirroring of your bans, regardless of how “drunken” you were when they occurred. I don’t want someone this toxic on our server, and you clearly aren’t able to control yourself. You may appeal again in 6 months if you feel you have changed at that time.